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Welcome to Chun-ha Insurance

Welcome to Chun-Ha Insurance.

Chun-Ha Insurance first emerged in the insurance industry in 1990 with the single mission of becoming a vital seed for the healthy growth of the Korean-American community. Thanks to our clients’ unwavering support for the past 27 years, we have become the largest Korean-American insurance agency in the U.S with $100 million in sales as of 2017.


Grounded in the spirit of love and service for the community and with constant effort and investment, Chun-Ha Insurance, a member of ISU Group (which is the 2nd largest agency group in the U.S.), has broke through its goal of $100 million in sales this year. Chun-Ha Insurance strives to provide the best insurance products and services, providing client access to over 350 major insurance companies.


This means that Chun-Ha Insurance will not cease its effort to improve and challenge itself to be a company that closely serves our clients’ needs. Based on the strong belief and conviction that our clients’ success is Chun-Ha’s success, we will work hard to become a vibrant and healthy company that walks by our clients’ side. 


Insurance Journal 2017 Top 10 results: ISU now #2!

Agency Name 2016 Total P/C
2016 Total P/C
Full-Time Employees Main Office
1 SIAA Inc. $843,938,866 $6,610,000,000 14,314 Hampton, NH
2 ISU Insurance Agency Network $401,475,000 $3,159,000,000 2,190 San Francisco, CA
3 Keystone Insurers Group $392,144,502 $3,267,870,849 3,314 Northumberland, PA
4 SecureRisk $250,785,588 $1,933,006,726 10 Tucker, GA
5 The Iroquois Group $250,785,588 $1,933,006,726 64 Allegany, NY
6 Combined Agents of America LLC $97,748,334 $744,083,729 924 Austin, TX
7 Renaissance Alliance Insurance Services LLC $96,402,877 $574,971,920 96 Wellesley, MA
8 Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers $89,250,000 $595,998,000 10 El Dorado Hills, CA
9 Insurors Group LLC $88,000,000 $451,000,000 385 College Station, TX
10 United Valley Insurance Services Inc. $84,498,750 $675,990,000 27 Fresno, CA

Greetings from CEO

Welcome to the newly renovated website of Chun-Ha Insurance.

Thanks to our clients’ constant love and support for the past 25 years, Chun-Ha Insurance has become the largest Korean-American insurance agency in the U.S. and now is about to break through $100 million in annual sales. Today’s success was made possible by the ambitious dreams and sacrifices of our employees, the grace of our clients, and the endless trust and support from major insurance carriers. In order to continue and go beyond this success, we will not cease our efforts at any moment.

The world is rapidly changing.
However, our fundamental core principles have never changed and Chun-Ha Insurance still upholds its spirit of love and sharing with the community, serving client needs with the same fervor from when it was first established 25 years ago. This is also Chun-Ha Insurance’s promise to you. Furthermore, we have completed the renovation of Chun-Ha Insurance’s website, as part of our effort to better serve our clients in today’s digital era and provide more convenient services and useful information.

Our entire team of Chun-Ha Insurance employees understands that true service does not come from mere words but from action. Your success is what makes Chun-Ha’s success. As the largest Korean-American insurance agency, we promise to be a company that continues to grow with our clients and contributes to the community.

HistoryThe key milestones of Chun-Ha Insurance.


New Headquarter Office, Texas branch office open